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CBSE Notes 2011-2012

Title is about Bishop's Candelsticks-2 story.I want to know answer for this question

Describe the circumstances that led to the convict's arrest and imprisonment.How did the prison life convert him from a man to a wild beast? Describe his transformation at the end?

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 The convict was a good man once.he had a wife whose name was jeannete.he had no job and his wife was ill and was dying by hunger.to arrange food for his wife he stole some money but was caught by the policemen. they didnot listen to any of his excuses.he was sent to prison hulks for such a small crime.

 He was treated harshly there. he ws fed on filth and covered with vermins.he had to sleep on boards and was treated like a  dog. they always chained him up. this harsh treatment conveted the convict from a man to a wild beast.

Once he fled from the prison and came to the bishop's house and asked him for food.the bishop treated him very nicely and fed him and warmed him. the bishop even saved the convict from going to prison again despite of the fact that he had stolen his favourite candlesticks.he even gave those to him so that he can start a new living.this behaviour of bishop transformed the convict and he was a man once again at the end.