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CBSE Notes 2011-2012

Tips for Success

How to Study

If you are not able to understand something which is more difficult to learn or remember, try to link that point with some related popular things. It has been noticed that when a student learn something which is little hard or difficult to understand, he becomes lazy and feels sleepy. If you are taking interest in your study, there will be no chance for sleep. If you are still not learn something, leave it and finds some other topics to learn. Try to lean each and every thing with interest. This will help you in quick and easy learning. Marks the important point with marker, this will help you to remember that point easily.

shorcuts to success

while others are PLAYING.
while others are TALKING.
while others are SLEEPING.
while others are DELAYING.


Generally we think school is only for studies. But no school is not for not studies it is for education and education is to make us overall developed. Parent’s who want good marks from their children generally denied them from extra curricular activities and sports. But this is not exactly the education. This type of education can also be given at home. Education is to teach a child how to interact with others; how to think more, better and far; how to take quick decisions; how to be physically and mentally fit; studies and sports.

Hard Work

Education, a common thing now a days. There are numbers of people getting education through out the world. But hardly some of them take their education seriously. It means in the sense that the people through out the world study but take their education very lightly; not pertaining to their future.

Accomplish Your Purpose

Never allow yourself to get discouraged and think that your life is insignificant and you cannot make a change.

You will not have a sense of accomplishment unless you have defined the purpose of your life.

Life Is A Mirror

What you want to see in others., You must first see it inside you.
What you expect from others., You must first expect it from yourself.

Life is just a mirror.

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