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CBSE Notes 2011-2012

Tips for Success

Sachin sir guess papers

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In the exams-IV

Always write neat and clean, make a use of two pens. First should be used to write headings or topics only and other should be used for writing your answer of the question.If you have finished your exam, look over those questions which are left untouched and try to do something.

In the exams-III

Always write as per the question and what the question is demanding. Don’t increase the length of the answer as it will not give additional marks moreover they can also be result in less marks.

In the exams-II

Give time to each question as per the marks for example if the you are giving 2 minutes for a question of 2 marks then you have to give 1 minute for the question of one marks.

In the exams-I

Don’t get feared when you first see the question paper. First read out the entire question, it will help you to decide which question should be first attended.

How to Study

If you are not able to understand something which is more difficult to learn or remember, try to link that point with some related popular things. It has been noticed that when a student learn something which is little hard or difficult to understand, he becomes lazy and feels sleepy. If you are taking interest in your study, there will be no chance for sleep. If you are still not learn something, leave it and finds some other topics to learn. Try to lean each and every thing with interest. This will help you in quick and easy learning. Marks the important point with marker, this will help you to remember that point easily.

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