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CBSE Notes 2011-2012

Tips for Success

Boards are approaching near

As boards are approaching near we should groom ourselves to make ourselves perfect for it.
Firstly we should prepare a timetable in which we alot equal timing for all the subjects.

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SSS Student Support System

Hi Friends

I just found one good website for CBSE student.

This site provides
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Strategy for 90% plus in Accountancy

With the change in cource recently geting 90% plus has become easier if you can handle the things with definite approach. Few of them are listed below :


This is siddhi from 12th . I am very week in business studies, whatever i study in it, wash away from my mind after some time .
Can any teacher or fellow student help me out and give me some tips to make business easy to me ??

Tips FOR success

1.) Study at least 4 subjects daily 1hr. each with determination,confidence and will power .

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