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CBSE Notes 2011-2012

Tips for Success

Vegetative propagation

Definition : in vegetative propagation new plants are obtained from parts of pre-existing plants such as roots stem and leaves. *what are advantages of this method ?
>>plants raised by vegetative propagation can bear fruits and flowers earlier than those produced from seeds.
>>all plants produced are genetically similar enough to parent plant to have all its characters.

notes : asexual reproduction

1. Fission :
it occurs in unicellular organisms like amoeba.
*in this process , the parent organism simply divides to form two or more new organisms of same species.
It is of two types . >binary fission-division of one cell into two similar or identical cells like amoeba
>multiple fission . In multiple fission many individuals are produced from a single organism.


Exams are undoubtedly not too far and it's obvious that many of us are on jitters! But here I'm suggesting some tips for my peers.


I know that this chapter will be kind of difficult for some of you because we are learning something very different.It is not like the first chapters we have learned.But if you give a mind that "i can try it" .....this chapter is very interesting


Unit I: Nature and significance of Management

Syllabus - Preparation.
XII - Business Studies - Ist Unit.

Studies now way easier !!

Before asking you to identify your more dominant studying style, one comment. All of us use the three above studying modalities but often to different degrees. For instance, I seem to study best visually with a pen or highlighter in my hand, with a secondary studying style of kinaesthetic-tactual.

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