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CBSE Notes 2011-2012

Tips for Success

Oral Questions for SYJC : Vocational Electronics (C - 2) Practical Examination February 2012

Dear Studetns.
A very Good Morning to you ALl. Today I am sharing with you the Oral Questions which are frequently asked at the time of HSC Board Practical Examination by the External Examiner in the Subject Vocational Electronics (C - 2).

Cross Word Puzzle On Sets

Dear Studetns,

Today I am sharing with you a crossword puzzle created with the help of eclipse crossword puzzle maker software. Try to solve this and share your views/ openions on it with me. 

Wish you all the best. 





future belogs to those who prepare for it

Exam Stress? It's Natural, So Learn To Deal With It

THE time of the year that students dread the most is upon us once again. If you are suddenly feeling the heat, are restless and can't sleep at night, you are not alone.

You, like your batchmates and most people your age, are feeling the exam pressure.

Vegetative propagation

Definition : in vegetative propagation new plants are obtained from parts of pre-existing plants such as roots stem and leaves. *what are advantages of this method ?
>>plants raised by vegetative propagation can bear fruits and flowers earlier than those produced from seeds.
>>all plants produced are genetically similar enough to parent plant to have all its characters.

notes : asexual reproduction

1. Fission :
it occurs in unicellular organisms like amoeba.
*in this process , the parent organism simply divides to form two or more new organisms of same species.
It is of two types . >binary fission-division of one cell into two similar or identical cells like amoeba
>multiple fission . In multiple fission many individuals are produced from a single organism.

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