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CBSE Notes 2011-2012


Human Eye and the Colourful World: Notes

Here are some notes for the chapter "Human Eye and the Colourful World". I thought I'd poast this here so that others can make use of it. I'm also adding a question bank of this chapter that I found in one of the websites.

Hope you find this useful:)

Abt notes for 12

Hey i want notes for pcm

CBSE Sample papers for class 9 (IX)

CBSE Sample papers for 2009 are available for you to go through and practice.

You can download the sample papers.

The sample papers give you an idea of the format that can be expected in the actual question paper. They also give you an good idea of how the questions are organized in the various sections and the level of difficulty that you can expect.

notes please.....

in which website can i find free notes for metals and nonmetals,chapter3 of class 10 science?

How to examine that our answer is correct?

The pattern of answer writing for scoring full marks

ray optics and optical instrument

top conceptslaw

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