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CBSE Notes 2011-2012


Higher Order Thinking (HOTs) Questions- a Necessity

In the Board’s question paper in Economics of Class XII, there will be higher order thinking questions of 15 to 20 marks.

How to examine that our answer is correct?

The pattern of answer writing for scoring full marks

journal entries

Journal Entry with detailed explanation and example.

Treatment Of Depreciation

I Wish to convey that the depreciation is an operating expenditure. This concept should be remembered when you compute the operating profit. At the same time do not forget to add back this expenditure to the P&L A\c,while calculating Net Operating Profit for the purpose of Cash Flow Statement.

Partnership Accounting

Partnership Accounting

What is a Partnership?
A partnership is defined as the relationship that exists between persons carrying on a business. These persons agree to combine some or all of their property, labour, and skills. This relationship is based on a contract.

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