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CBSE Notes 2011-2012

Physics and mind

Dear students,

Nowadays it has become a trend to go for extra classes for physics right from class eitht. It is a wrong attitude. Only those who dont have self confidence will do that.

The correct method of learning physics is slowly dissappearing nowadays. Since the present world is a competitive world one should prepare himself or herself to meet the demands of the society.

Human mind is nowadays becoming a savings bank account were the matters are deposited as it is. Students think that memorising will fetch them good marks in their exams in the school as well in board. Memorising particularly in physics is very dangerous. The mind many time confuses the students if it is not fed with the informations properly.

Mind should be trained properly so as to present the required answer of a question in the required format. If a student is of the habit of memorising the matter he will try to present the answer in the form in which he had memorised. That is, he has not trained the mind to present the answers in the required format and analyse the question.

At first the physics concepts should be visualised from the existing script form. Learners first should read the concepts , facts and should slowly digest the matters.

Humanmind registers the visual concepts very strongly than the readones or listened concepts. For example the concept of displacement should be registered and visualised in the human mind as the length of the straight line connecting the initial position and final position of the object and the distance should be visualised as the total length of the path. Some tend to define the displacement in terms of distance which is very wrong. Though they are the quantities of lengh they differ from each other. The proper visualised concepts about distance travelled and displacement will differentiate these two as two different concepts in the mind of the learners. Then it becomes easy for a learner to solve any problems associated with the both.

Thus the students should be trained to visualise the matters. Then it becomes easy for them to approach the subject. They may find physics as not a subject of their curriculam but they will find it very friendly as a matter that happens around them in their day to daylife.

Also it is very important that the time taken to comprehend the question and to plan for the presentation should be less. Unless the matters are registered in the mind in the comprehensive form a normal student will take much time to answer a question in which he could have answered for two questions.

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Joined: 11/02/2007
u r correct sir... but what

u r correct sir...
but what about the senior classes...i think we have no other option except going to tuition or coaching....
and specially physics..how can a student do..topics like.mechanics..and kinematics...of his own....??

so i feel..they are necessary now a days...may be i am wrong..but this is what i feel.


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Dear kanika goel,
read your comment about the topic. One thing a student should keep in mind is that he is supposed to be supported by teachers till he goes to Class X there after he should learn to learn by self with the help of text and ofcourse with the net(if it is available). The teacher should be considered as a guide. That's why the class XI and XII are considered as pre university courses. A student who learns in this manner makes himself eligible to appear for all competitive examinations like AIEEE, AIMEE, civil services.

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my question is that...

do you think that going to IIT coaching really helps in improving one's knowledge and not just for the mere sake of getting into IIT for a person whose has a thirst for knowing new things?
Do you think that getting into/not getting into IIT determines the quantity of knowledge in a student?

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u r really correct.........

i am a student of 11th.till now i dont hav any tutions and all.wat u said is correct sir..going for tutions are all waste of time...........
.but still i am not able to understand certain portions in chemistry and physics.....wat to do sir

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Contact number please

Sir, Dis s Sayee Prasadh , ur 7th std - 10th std student .. Sir, may i have ur contact num :-)... I had ur number very recently, but lost them due to loss of my cell memory .... Sir my mail id is sayeeprasadh@yahoo.com ..Sir, you may kindly mail or scrap me on orkut if you wish ...

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sir ji passing physics is not a matter of joke tu ne physics me kitney ley the. GENIUS

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Joined: 04/08/2010
What should I do?

I think you are correct sir but my physics teacher doesn't teach very well. All my classmates have taken tutions especially for physics. I want to be an engineer I am good in maths but I am poor in physics even Ihave not taken tution classes for some reasons so tell me what should I do. I have board exams next year.


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Joined: 03/08/2011
you are right sir . my

you are right sir . my classmates are doing coaching for physics . but i think doing coaching is the wasting of time . some terms and numerical s are there are very hard and difficult for me to understand and solve them. i am in class 10th please help me sir