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CBSE Notes 2011-2012


To score cent percent in maths

1. Write down the formulas in a separate book after byhearting them and read them before going to bed each night so that you wont forget them.
2. Listen to the lecture and take personal notes.
3. Practise all the questions in the text book ,i.e., both examples and exercise questions.


Those students appear for C.B.S.E. Exams 2012 prepare themselves by studying from the book of Business Studies-12 by G.S. Alag and also practice the Guess Paper of G.S. Alag available on www.cbseguess.com will definitely score 100% marks in Business Studies.

cbse 12th business studies

plz provide me notes on business finance its really very urgent...

Presentation on Mathematical Logic : SYJC

Dear Students,

Today I am sharing with you the PDF Presentation on Mathematical Logic, a topic for Std XII Mathematics.
THIS presetation will surely help you to revise the chapter and practice the important types of examples there in.

Wish you all the best.

Oral Questions for SYJC : Vocational Electronics (C - 2) Practical Examination February 2012

Dear Studetns.
A very Good Morning to you ALl. Today I am sharing with you the Oral Questions which are frequently asked at the time of HSC Board Practical Examination by the External Examiner in the Subject Vocational Electronics (C - 2).

Abt notes for 12

Hey i want notes for pcm

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